Irontech SR242 with 5-axle Carrrier, 42x10 Double Drum Drawworks, 47" Auxillery Disc Brake, 2/Stage Hydraulic Freestanding Outriggers and 104' Telescoping 225,000lbs Mast.

The Irontech SR242 Double-Triple Service Rig is a heavy duty rig designed to service deep wells in excess of 2500 meters.  The SR242 features our 475 hp Double Drum drawworks with a 40,000 lb. single line pull rating certified in accordance to API 7K & 7F. The 42" x 10" Main Drum and 38" x 8" Sand Line Drum drawworks is designed for strenuous well servicing while remaining lightweight.  We have incorporated an air controlled Disc Brake on the Main Drum that replaces the traditional fluid driven hydromatic by eliminating the freezing and weight concerns while providing superior braking power. Advancements such as the Disc Brake ensure the SR242 is an industry leader.

Our 5 or 6 Axle Irontech Carrier is custom designed to meet our clients precise requirements and can include upgrades such as all Air Ride Rear Suspension, onboard Class III Accumulator System and Power Swivel Static Line Package.  We manufacture many components using lightweight aluminum including the engine shroud, hydraulic and fuel tanks, walkways and handrails, stairs, tool boxes and drawworks guards.  Irontech rigs are manufactured to our strict quality control standards and are Transport Canada Certified and affixed with our National Safety Mark (NSM) and World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) Code.

The power train is designed to our customer's preference and can include a Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine with an Allison 4700 OFS Transmission or CAT C13 Diesel Engine with a CAT CX31-P600 Transmission or other client specified engine and transmission combinations.

The Irontech 104' Telescoping Mast is capable of pulling double tubing and triple rods per string with hook loads of up to 225,000 lbs. while providing optimum working height clearance.  Our Mast is certified to carry the API 4F Monogram under license 4F-0434 and includes a 2-Stage Telescoping Ram, Hydraulic Locking Pins and dual 3-Stage Raising Rams.

Our Freestanding Outriggers provide exceptional stability and full operating hook load of 225,000 lbs. and full API wind ratings during freestanding operation in accordance with API 4F 4th Edition. Available models include mechanical swingout, lightweight Telescoping aluminum and 2-stage hydraulic.

Irontech's team of Journeyman Mechanics and Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certified Journeyman Welders allow for superior mechanical and fabrication design. High quality industrial paint to match our client's Company colours provides the finishing touch.  

At Irontech we aim to provide our customers with state of the art oilfield equipment.​​

Lightweight Telescoping Aluminum Outriggers in Transport Mode

Irontech SR242 with 6-axle Carrrier, 42x10 Double Drum Drawworks, 47" Auxillery Disc Brake, Lightweight Telescoping Aluminum Freestanding Outriggers and 104' Telescoping 225,000lbs Mast


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Lightweight Telescoping Aluminum Outriggers in Working Mode

Irontech SR242 with 6-Axle Carrier, 42 x 10 Double Drum Drawworks, 47" Auxillery Disc Brake, Mechanical Swing-out Freestanding Outriggers and 104' Telescoping 225,000lbs Mast