All Irontech Service Rigs have a Physical Pull Test performed to the full static hook load rating of the masts during rig testing and commissioning. We have installed a pull test unit on our rig pad capable of performing Physical Pull Tests up to 500,000 lbs. The test results are charted, and an Engineer Certification along with the test chart is included in the rig certification package. A post pull test NDE inspection of critical mast and carrier components is performed to ensure no structural damage occurred during the test.

Our onsite scales are used during the pull test to ensure carrier front end load is maintained throughout the test and to verify rig stability during full hook operation. The scales also provide travelling weights for our rigs prior to departing our facility.

As an added service, we perform Physical Pull Tests to legacy rigs after completing Level IV inspections. The Physical Pull Test Certification provides our clients and their customers with verification of their rig's static hook load rating.

The Irontech Physical Pull Test provides additional mast design verification and allows our clients to meet the contractual pull test requirements of energy companies.

Irontech SR242 Service Rigs being prepared for Physical Pull Testing to full static hook load rating of 225,000 lbs.

Physical Pull Testing

 Irontech SR242 being Physcial Pull Tested to 225,000 lbs.

 Irontech scales positioned under front leveling jacks during Physical Pull Test to monitor and record rig stability.

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 Legacy Rig pull test to OEM rating of  240,000 lbs.