The Irontech SW138 Swabbing Rig is a lightweight rig designed for the specialty service of well swabbing in all regions of the oilfield. Our design department along with client input created a state of the art swabbing rig that will reshape this service. 

The Single Drum drawworks has a Sand Line capacity of 16,000' of 9/16" line or 13,500' of 5/8" line and incorporates a spooler and polychain belt drive. The brake flanges and bands have been replaced by a revolutionary air controlled disc brake system. The drawworks design is lightweight, efficient and very low maintenance.

The fully insulated cab is designed to provide optimal service and comfort. It is climate controlled with a heater/air conditioning unit and equipped with a swiveling captains chair. The operators panel is equipped with top of the line instrumentation and accommodates a computer work station.  Full sized lockers, bench seating, storage shelving and a coffee/microwave station provide a fully self-contained operating area.

The 47' stiff mast has a 30,000 lb hook load and is hydraulically raised and lowered from a control panel that also houses the controls for the 4-leveling jacks and hydraulic winch.

Our team of Certified Mechanics and Journeyman Welders allow for all types of mechanical and fabrication designs to be achieved. The SW138 is fully certified and inspected upon completion and includes a Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIP) certificate, Mast certification in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, Drawworks certification in accordance with API standards and an Irontech Owner's Manual. High quality industrial paint to match our clients Company colours provides the finishing touch. 

At Irontech we strive to create leading edge equipment that keeps pace with the constant technology advancements in our industry.

SW 138 Mobile Swab Rig

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Irontech SW138 with polychain driven single drum drawworks. 

Irontech SW138 polychain belt driven drawworks with air   
controlled disk brake and sand line spooler